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Design a Simple But Perfect Brochure

Brochures have been around since the earliest days of advertising. They're a quick way to introduce prospects to any company's products and services. That said, it's never an easy job to design ideal brochures. There's a skill involved, so it's worth considering some basic tenets to follow.

Effective Use White Space To Accentuate Your Offers

Using a minimalistic brochure design with plenty of white space allows people to focus on crucial design elements without being distracted. Less is more when it comes to brochure design. You want to accentuate the critical aspects of your offer and let the rest fade into the background.

Reduce Your Design to the Essentials

It's tempting to use multiple fonts and colors, but doing so increases the complexity of the brochure's design. Avoid the impulse to overdo it and stick with a clean, minimalistic design. Choose a palette that best reflects your company and stick with those colors throughout your brochure. A unified message is more straightforward to convey to people than viewing a jumbled explosion of conflicting colors and fonts.

Get the Message Across

Brochures should be well-designed and even artistic, but that's hardly the main point. What they're supposed to do is tell people about your company. What matters most is that someone who sees one immediately understands your brand message and story. The key is to do that as simply as possible, so nothing gets lost in the translation. Sometimes, overdoing the creativity and putting in too many touches does that.

Before you begin production on your brochure, spend time distilling your core message. Outline the key points you want to get across and build the rest of the design elements around a central theme.

Include All the Pertinent Information Needed

Although your design should be uncluttered and your message clear, you still need to get across the main details about your company. That means brochures should be comprehensive so that the person reviewing them understands what they need to know.

If your business isn't using brochures yet, consider three primary reasons to produce them.

  1. Brochures are cost-effective for marketing.
  2. They build credibility to make your business authoritative.
  3. They're easy to distribute, making it easy to bring in new customers.

These are great reasons to make your brochure one that people will remember. They are excellent handout materials, so any business with a public facility benefits from distributing them. Brochures deliver a solid ROI making them one of the best marketing pieces companies use. Adding them to your current marketing mix will improve your conversion rate.

If you need help with your next brochure, consider using the Dallas printing experts at Precision Reprographics. Our team has decades of experience creating eye-catching brochures that help Dallas business owners generate additional revenue.


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