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Types of Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are an excellent marketing medium for any business that wants to grow. Determining which type is best for your company will help you get the most from your next purchase.

Some of the most popular types include banners, aluminum, flags, yard signs, rigid plastic, backlit, A-frames, adhesive decals, and Pop Up Tents. As you might imagine, each can get used in different ways to help you meet your needs.

The Basics of Signs

Any sign that's smaller than 12" x 12" is considered small. Medium signs are larger than 12" x 12" but smaller than 50" x 100". All signs that are bigger than 50" x 100" are large.

Not surprisingly, the prices of custom signs go up based on size and quantity. Larger signs and extensive runs require more resources, planning, and materials to complete, increasing the overall expense.

Banners Are Versatile

Banners are always versatile and remain popular because they're great for many purposes. They can get used as temporary signage for new businesses, as branding elements for trade shows, conventions, or business expos.

Aluminum Signs Deliver Value

When you need more permanent signage, aluminum signs are durable, low-cost, and weather-resistant. If you need compliance or safety signs, they're ideal for indoor or outdoor use. These signs are easy to hang and fit in tight spots to get used for a multitude of purposes.

Flags Have Their Place

Flags come in a dizzying variety of options, including spirit flags, standard flags, and feather flags. They're a fantastic way to advertise because they're colorful, unique, and eyecatching.

They easily hang on standard flag poles or PVC pipes and shift with the wind. Not as durable as vinyl, extra care should get taken to avoid UV sun damage, fading, and tearing.

To preserve custom flags, they should get removed from the outdoors during inclement weather conditions. Rolling them up when not in use helps protect their integrity.

A-Frames Bring In the Business

A-Frames, which many people call sidewalk signs, help direct foot traffic into businesses from the sidewalk. Most companies place them right outside their doors to alert passersby about special offers and promotions.

Road Signs

If you have a specific demographic you want to target; road signs put your company in front of motorists. A road sign is a strategic way to stand out among all your competitors. For businesses such as restaurants and hotels, this is no-brainer advertising.

Custom Signs Made Easy

When your company needs custom signs or any sign printing service, contact SWBP for an estimate. We're a Dallas sign company that puts our clients first. No matter how large your sign printing project is, our experienced printing team is available to make it come to life.


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